NVIDIA brings benchmarking to VR

FCAT VR will help you decide if you need a system upgrade.

Bloomberg via Getty Images

If you've ever wanted to make sure that your PC's virtual reality setup is running as well as it possibly can, you now have the software you need. NVIDIA has released its promised FCAT VR tool, which can check for dropped or synthesized frames, warp misses and other signs that a VR title isn't running smoothly. It'll even show you how a VR program runs at different detail levels, so you'll know if you need to tone down the graphics setting to get optimal performance.

You're most likely to find use for this as a gamer, since it's an easy way to gauge whether or not your PC is fast enough to handle that hot new VR experience. However, NVIDIA also sees this as particularly helpful for developers and hardware makers that want to fine-tune their products. You may see fewer games that choke on reasonably fast hardware, and graphics card drivers that are more explicitly VR-friendly.