Now Roombas check in with 'Clean Map' reports to your phone

Series 900 Roombas will soon obey Alexa commands, as well.


How do you know if your Roomba has cleaned every inch of your floor? If you have one of the wirelessly connected series 900 Roombas, you'll start getting "Clean Map" reports through the iRobot Home app for Android and iOS. The machines now map the parts of your home they've cleaned by combining adaptive navigation with visual localization. You'll get those maps as part of the new reports, along with how much time the Roomba spent vacuuming and what the dirtiest parts of your house are. The app can now also send you push notifications on the robot's cleaning status.

Series 900 Roombas will soon be able to obey Alexa commands, as well. Sometime in the second quarter of this year, you'll be able to start, stop and pause the vacuuming robots by speaking to the Amazon assistant. All you have to do is issue simple voice commands, such as "Alexa, ask Roomba to begin cleaning" to activate or deactivate the machine.