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Alexa lets you order from Prime Now

Just speak, and your heart's desire will arrive within two hours.


"Alexa, order chips and dip from Prime Now" is a phrase that you can now say and legitimately expect chips (and dip) to turn up at your door within two hours. That's because the shopping giant has bonded its fast delivery knowhow with its voice assistant, enabling you to just ask for things and have them arrive.

The usual caveats and restrictions apply, since the feature will only work in eligible cities where Prime Now is operating. Plus, you'll only be able to order alcohol and other restricted goods in locations where you can do so legally, like Seattle, Washington and (kinda) Ohio.

Still, being able to bake in voice ordering and fast delivery is another way that Amazon plans to own the entire retail experience. After all, if you don't need to leave the house to order convenience goods (or takeout), why bother trucking down to your local bodega?