Adidas' All Day app aims to help you stay fit and eat healthy

A beta will be hitting iOS and Android today.

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Earlier this month, at SXSW, Adidas teased it was working on new, "open" digital fitness products. And today we're getting a clearer picture of its strategy, thanks to the introduction of All Day, an app for iOS and Android that's designed for "versatile" athletes. What this means, according to Adidas, is that the application will focus on a series of health aspects: movement, nutrition, mindset and rest. This isn't just about hardcore workout sessions, as is the case with most fitness apps.

All Day features a collection of written and video tutorials, which show you anything from quick yoga moves to "green" recipes, and uses your smartphone to track distance covered and calories burnt throughout your day. Adidas says right now the app is focused on women, since data it collected suggest they are the key users in the wellness space, though there will be additional content geared toward men later on.

Naturally, the app can pair with Apple's Health Kit and Google's Fit platforms, making it easier to keep track of your data. Adidas is releasing a beta of All Day today for iOS and Android, but you'll want to sign up quick if you want to try it out because access will be limited. The sportswear giant says the app will have its full rollout later this summer.

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