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V-Moda's Crossfade 2 wireless headphones sound better, last longer

New life for a familiar design.


Nearly two years after V-Moda introduced a wireless version of its popular Crossfade headphones, the company's back with a set that promises to be much better all around. Looks-wise, the new Crossfade 2 Wireless model is almost identical to its predecessor, though the cushions and headband have been redesigned to be more comfortable and keep bad noise out of your ears. The new cans also have upgraded dual-diaphragm 50mm drivers, which V-Moda claims make for its best sound yet, and an improved battery life that can get you over 14 hours of music playback. For those keeping track, that's a couple hours longer than the original version.

V-Moda's pricing the Crossfade 2 Wireless at $330 if you want them in matte black or matte white, and they're shipping starting today. There's a rose gold model too, but that's priced at $350 because it features support for Qualcomm's aptX audio codec, which it says will give you "near CD-quality sound" even as you're listening to tunes over Bluetooth.