'Final Fantasy XIV' live action drama heads to Netflix

"Daddy of Light" follows a father and son who bond over the MMO.

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"Final Fantasy XIV Dad of Light" Production Committee
"Final Fantasy XIV Dad of Light" Production Committee

Japan's unique Final Fantasy XIV-based drama is making its way to the rest of the world thanks to Netflix. Daddy of Light isn't really an adaptation of the hit MMO -- it's a live-action show that focuses on a father and son who play the game together. The series will start airing on Netflix in Japan starting on April 20th, Polygon reports, and it'll head to other countries in the fall.

It's not the first Japanese drama Netflix has picked up -- the service also carries popular shows like Hibana: Spark -- but it's still a good get, given the power of the Final Fantasy brand. And yes, it does seem like it'll keep the Daddy of Light moniker when it heads to the West.

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