Bang & Olufsen's modular speakers double as wall art

The BeoSound Shape system can adapt to just about any room... at a price.

Bang & Olufsen

There hasn't been a shortage of attempts at modular speakers, but how many of them would you be willing to place at the center of your living room decor? Not many, we'd wager. Bang & Olufsen, however, thinks it can do better. It's introducing a wall-mounted speaker system, BeoSound Shape, that's designed to be as artistic as it is functional. You can scale your system to the exact size and pattern you want, including color -- a range of fabric options lets you be as flamboyant or subdued as you like. You need at least six modules, but B&O is promising that you can have a "practically unlimited" number of them if it suits your fancy.

You're not giving up much functionality, either. One of the tiles includes a BeoSound Core hub that allows for AirPlay, Bluetooth and Chromecast streaming, and you can tie it into a multi-room B&O setup. The Danish firm is also promising that its mixing algorithm will produce a "crisp and precise" sound meant for your wall, and you'll even get an online design tool that suggests ideal layouts.

As with most of B&O's speakers, that combination of chic and cleverness will be expensive. When BeoSound Shape hits stores in August, a "standard setup" will cost about £3,400 ($4,245)... and it's reasonable to presume that a large array will carry an even higher price tag. If you don't want conventional speakers hogging your living room floor and want something that feels perfectly at home, though, this could be your best bet.