Google WiFi helps keep you off the internet at night

‘Scheduled Pause’ gives you an easy way to limit distractions.


Settling in and letting go of screens for dinner or bedtime can be a struggle for both kids and adults. Scheduling time to focus somewhere besides the internet, then, might make a lot of sense. Google's WiFi router now has a feature that can help you pause the signal in your home so you can get to bed or take care of important IRL things without the sweet distraction of WiFi.

Using the Google WiFi app, you can tell your Google WiFi to shut down at specific times in your daily schedule, like "Bedtime" or "Homework." When the time comes, the router will pause the internet just for the devices you tell it to, making sure that keeping your kids off the internet won't stop you from working.

Of course, Apple's routers already have a way to set up time limits, but you need to use desktop software to make it happen. Google's new WiFi feature is available today and should make it easier to set up a schedule if you need force yourself to put down the Snapchat at night. Sleep well!