Runtastic's video recipe app feeds your fitness regime

You gotta have fuel before you can feel the burn.


It makes sense that the folks behind a running app would launch a new video recipe app. Cooking clips from Tasty and Delish seem to be taking over everyone's Facebook feed lately, so now is the time to hop onboard. Runtastic has already filled its YouTube channel with the top-down videos, so including them in its new mobile app, Runtasty , isn't too much of a stretch for the fitness company.

Eating right is as important as working out if you're trying to get healthy or stay fit. These recipes are "dietitian approved" to be healthy, quick, tasty, easy to make and require a minimal amount of ingredients. There are 23 categories for meals that fit many dietary requirements, like vegan, dairy-free or low-carb recipes. In addition to the video instructions, Runtasty will have how-to "kitchen hack" videos that will teach you how to manage common adulting tasks like cutting onions or cooking the perfect steak.

Just like other recipe apps, Runtasty will also have a way to save your favorite recipes and get nutritional facts about the foods you're putting in your face. Better yet, you don't need to wait to get all this delicious video goodness -- iOS and Android versions of the app are ready to download right now.