IBM Watson offers tech support that never sleeps

The concierge-like service can solve your issues on the spot.

Ociacia via Getty Images

If your company uses IBM's helpdesk services, don't be surprised if you find yourself talking to Watson next time you contact the IT department. IBM has added a Watson-powered concierge-like service to its helpdesk, and it can quickly solve your IT issues around the clock, wherever you are in the world and whatever device you're using. Unlike automated bots, you can talk to Watson about your issues like you're talking to another person. It can then customize its responses -- for instance, it can use layman's terms if you're not that tech-savvy or use jargons if you are.

It'll solve your problem on the spot if it's something simple like adding storage to an email account, resetting a password or ordering a new company phone or computer. If it's not trained to handle your problem, it'll hand you over to a human IT personnel. However, Watson learns with every interaction and with every feedback it receives and doesn't receive. (It notices if you've chosen not to answer the survey after each chat.) It draws from everything it learns, so after some time, transferring you to its human co-workers might become less and less frequent.

Richard Esposito, IBM's general manager for GTS Mobility Services says:

"Today, governments and enterprises need to provide an effective set of capabilities to their workforce, so that their employees can deliver a superior interaction and experience for their citizens and consumers. We need a system that can understand and communicate in a natural language conversation, one that solves problems and continues to learn while engaging with employees. Our Workplace Support Services with Watson delivers this value."