Microsoft is holding an education-focused event on May 2nd

Maybe we'll finally see a follow-up to the Surface 3.


Surprise! Microsoft will hold an event on May 2nd in New York, and based on the invite we received, there will likely be a focus on its education initiatives. "Learn what's next. #MicrosoftEDU" the colorful invite reads. The company's Build conference is next month as well, so maybe don't expect anything truly earth-shattering from this event. Based on the rumor mill, a new Surface Pro or a Surface phone won't debut on May 2nd. Instead, maybe start an office pool for the unveil of Windows 10 Cloud (think: Chrome OS, but from Redmond) and maybe, finally a follow-up to the $499 Surface 3 from 2015. The countdown starts now, so get your bets in.