Nintendo still has a stack of 3DS games in the pipeline

'Kirby,' 'Pikmin,' 'Monster Hunter' and a Mii-filled RPG are all coming to the handheld.


Nintendo Switch titles ARMS and Splatoon 2 headlined today's Nintendo Direct presentation, but they weren't the only games with news to reveal. The studio has a solid lineup of games coming to the 3DS this year.

The sidescrolling Hey! Pikmin will be coming to the 3DS on July 28th and will get a themed amiibo covered in the critters on the same day. Monster Hunter Stories, the light-hearted spin-off that's already a hit in Japan, is also coming to the handheld system this fall.

To celebrate Kirby's 25th anniversary, the puffball is getting a pair of games. Team Kirby Clash Deluxe is a "free-to-start" sidescrolling brawl game available in the eShop today. Kirby's Blowout Blast will be a 25-plus stage 3D adventure in a more traditional single-player adventure, launching in the eShop this summer.

Lastly, Nintendo introduced a bizarre and wonderful new title: Miitopia, a custom RPG experience filled with your roster of Miis. Plug your friends and enemies into the game to see them bicker, fight and get along in a fantasy adventure that launches later this year.