Google's Areo app can order a plate of food or a plumber

Sadly, it's only available in Bangalore and Mumbai, India at the moment.


Google has a new app you can't access unless you live in Bangalore and Mumbai, India -- and it's a shame, because it sounds pretty darn useful. The app called Areo combines food delivery and home services in one. You can use it to order meals from your favorite restaurants, since it has menus of participating locations like what you'd expect from typical food delivery apps. But here's where it differs from the rest: it can also book local pros like carpenters, plumbers, electricians and make-up artists in case what you need is someone to help you with a leaky toilet, a home expansion project or a wedding celebration.

The app's search function can look for specific food (and filter them by vegetarian and non-vegetarian options) or specific restos. It can also find local providers available on the time you specify. Since on-demand gig economy is on the rise in the country, the app could help bring in more business for providers and connect clients with the professionals they need.

A Google spokesperson told us that the company is "constantly experimenting with ways to better serve [its] users in India," which makes it sound like it's exclusive to the country. He sadly didn't tell us if it would make its way to other Indian locales, though, and only added that "Areo makes everyday chores and ordering food easier by bringing together useful local services like ordering food or hiring a cleaner in one place."