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HTC has already cut the disappointing U Ultra's price

The 20 percent drop could help HTC fend off its latest rivals.

Chris Velazco/Engadget

HTC isn't having the greatest time between its financial struggles, departing leaders and scaled-back plans, and that's manifesting in its phone prices. The company is running a week-long sale on the U Ultra that cuts the handset's unlocked price by 20 percent, from $749 to $599. That's a good deal if you like HTC's take on a secondary display (we had a decidedly mixed opinion), but it's also a steep drop for a phone that has only been around for a few weeks.

The cut isn't entirely surprising. HTC is facing the usual spring crop of flagship phone rivals, like the LG G6 and Galaxy S8, and it doesn't yet have a direct equivalent. The U Ultra is its best offering for now, and its sales were already limited by the lack of US carrier deals -- that's only getting worse with even flashier alternatives on the market. Again, this is a solid discount if you like what the U Ultra offers. Just know that the move likely stems from a sense of urgency, not just the usual bids to clear stock.