Huawei Watch 2 arrives in the US for $300

You can test its connection to your Bluetooth earphones with a free Google Play Music sub.

Huawei Watch 2

Huawei Watch 2, the wearable we think Google should have used to launch Android Wear 2.0, is finally out in the US. Starting today, you can get the $300 standard variant with its mixed rubber strap in Carbon Black and Concrete Grey from the usual retailers, including Best Buy, Amazon, NewEgg and Walmart. There's a classic variant with a rubber-leather hybrid strap and a metallic casing in case you want something that looks more formal. However, that one's not yet available (it'll be out "soon," the company promises) and will set you back $370. If you do snap up one of the standard variants, you'll also get 10 free weeks of Google Play Music, which will come bundled with the device for a limited time.

It's a clever freebie, considering the watch can directly connect to a pair of Bluetooth earphones. A Play Music subscription can get you accustomed to the idea of listening to music straight from your smartwatch instead of from your phone while jogging or commuting. You can even download songs on its 4GB onboard memory instead of streaming them if you frequent places with poor signal. It's not entirely clear if the freebie will still be available for the classic version when it comes out, though you can always sign up for the service's standard 30-day free trial if it doesn't.