Snapchat adds augmented reality emoji to your videos

You can walk around these virtual objects and see them from any angle.


Snapchat has offered a variety of silly, weird (and sometimes racist) filters for a while now. Today, though, Snap is rolling out a few new "world lenses" that have a new trick. You can now place a small group of 3D objects right in your scene and move around them as if they're real-life objects. This expands on the world lenses that the company first revealed back in the fall last year.

You can access these objects the same way you get to any of Snapchat's other lenses — from the camera view, just tap the screen and it'll scan what's in front of you. For starters, there are two sets of 3D objects you can try. The first contains emoji-esque graphics like a happy rainbow, sad cloud, sassy coffee mug and so on. Tapping and holding on the object lets you move it around throughout your scene, and its size scales depending on how close or far away you place it in your virtual scene.

Once you place the object in your scene, you can start recording video and walk around it to see it from all angles, just like it's a real happy rainbow. It's a neat trick, and it looks like Snapchat even managed to avoid getting offensive this time. In addition to the 3D emoji, you can also drop big text bubbles into your scene; phrases include "OMG," "hello" and "gross," for starters. While these new lenses certainly fit into the goofy Snapchat aesthetic, they're also one of the more interesting tricks we've seen from the app in a while — here's hoping Snap adds more three-dimensional objects to the app soon.