700 million people are using Instagram

If this pace keeps up, the social network could hit a billion users in 2017.

Andrew Burton / Reuters

Instagram's Stories feature beating out all of Snapchat in terms of users is so two weeks ago. Now the photo-minded social network is crowing about hitting 700 million users in rapid fashion. Specifically, 100 million folks flocked to the app within the last four months alone. The last time Instagram gained 100 million new users it took six months, according to TechCrunch.

What's more, the social network told Engadget's sister site that the evaporating Stories feature is at least partially responsible for the uptick in users and them sticking around. Not bad for an app that's still primarily mobile-only, no? Should this pace keep up Instagram could become the second social network to hit a billion users. You know, behind parent company Facebook.

In case you're just waking up, Twitter just released its report on users and the results aren't nearly as sunny. The microblogging service increased its numbers a bit, bumping from between 310 - 320 million up to 328 million. Welp.