Amazon Echo Look is a voice-controlled camera for fashion tips

You can show off your wardrobe without taking mirror selfies.


Amazon's Echo smart speakers just went in an unusual (but potentially very helpful) new direction. Meet Echo Look, an Alexa-powered camera designed around taking your own fashion photos and videos. If you want to show off your daily wardrobe, you just have to ask the Look to take a snapshot -- you don't have to take a selfie in front of a mirror to get a full-length picture. And since it includes a depth-sensing camera, it can blur the background to make shots pop. The real party tricks come when you're not sure about your outfit, however.

The Look's Style Check service blends AI algorithms with fashion specialist advice to provide a second opinion. Does that jacket really go with that shirt? The goal is to get you shopping for more clothes on Amazon, of course, but this could save you from having to ask friends for tips. The more feedback you provide, the better Style Check gets at determining what outfits work.

And yes, the Echo Look still behaves like Amazon's other speakers when you're not using it, complete with smart home control. It's really more of a bedroom-oriented Echo than a single-purpose device.

Don't expect to simply order one, though. Amazon is currently selling the $200 Echo Look on an invitation-only basis. You can request an invitation if you want in, but there's no guarantee that you'll get one. It's not certain why that is, but it might be worth signing up if you're never quite sure what to wear.