Google+ 'Topics' highlight active users and communities

They're one way to find new friends on Google+ if everyone you know is on Facebook.

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Mariella Moon
April 28th, 2017

Google's latest feature for its social network can make your home stream look a little bit less lonely. Next time you check Google+, you'll see a new block in your stream listing topics you can explore. The social network already has hundreds of topics on rotation that you can click through, including Black & White Photography, Art, Science, Toy Models & Crafts. They're all in English, Spanish and Portuguese, though, and it's unclear if they'll ever be available in other languages.

By exploring the topics listed, you could find new or hidden communities and individuals who share your interest. It could also show you relevant collections you might not see otherwise. Google is rolling out the feature within the next day or so -- keep an eye out for it if you're looking for contacts to add, because everyone else you know is on Facebook.

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