Would you pay $1,600 to replace your sheet music with a tablet?

Going paperless is stupid expensive.

Terrada Music

Last year, we told you about the Gvido, a lovely double-screened tablet designed to organize and display sheet music. Created by Japanese company Terrada Music, it allows musicians to turn pages with the tap of a finger. Now, it looks like the Gvido is finally getting ready to ship. It'll be available on September 20th for a measly $1,600.

So, what are you getting for that $1,600? Two 13.3-inch E Ink displays, 8GB internal storage, a microSD card slot, PDF compatibility and a Wacom pen for annotations. If you'll recall, Sony also has an E Ink device that's expensive and serves a very specific purpose. The $1,100 Digital Paper is targeted at TV and movie studios' HR departments and lets crew members easily read, fill out and submit paperwork. You know, without the hassle of using actual paper.

The Gvido is an interesting idea, and yes turning pages while playing is a hassle. But, that seems like an awful lot of money for a problem that can easily be solved with some Sortkwik and a little manual dexterity. If the tablet could actually listen to you while you play and turn the page for you automatically, that would be something!