Strava wants runners and cyclists to be bloggers too

Longer, text-heavy 'athlete posts' are coming to Strava's feed.


Strava wants to be more than a simple tool for tracking your runs and bike rides. Much of the experience is focused on the "Feed," a place where you can share your training sessions and accomplishments (and view those recorded by other people). Normally, these bite-sized posts are limited to a small map, some basic stats and a short caption. Now, Strava is introducing "athlete posts," which are essentially full-blown blog posts. For now, the feature is exclusive to 36 Strava-approved athletes, however the company says it will roll out to the rest of the community "later this summer."

Athlete posts can be about almost anything. You could use them as a diary, chronicling your progress as you train for a gruelling half marathon. Alternatively, you could use them to pose questions, share gear recommendations and workout routines. The posts can include photos too, making it easier to explain good posture or convey the euphoria of climbing up a mountain. Morphing Strava into a fitness-first social network isn't the most original idea, but it could work -- it's that sense of community, after all, that has encouraged so many people to keep fit.