Indiegogo backers get their smart lock... two years later

Friday Labs' smart lock has WiFi, Bluetooth and Apple HomeKit support.

Friday Labs

Friday Labs has finally begun shipping the smart locks it promised its Indiegogo backers way back in 2015. Long waiting periods like this are definitely one of the most important things to take into consideration when backing crowdfunding projects. But, hey, at least this one didn't fold without shipping even a single product. In fact, the startup has also begun accepting pre-orders for those who didn't get to back the campaign. Non-backer purchases won't ship until next month or so, though, and it will set you back the device's full retail price ($249).

The company's smart lock has both WiFi and bluetooth connection. It also supports iOS and Android devices, as well as Apple's HomeKit home automation platform. The device's accompanying app can make sure you locked it when you step out and can also unlock your door as soon as you get near enough. You can use it to keep track of who goes in and out of the house and also to give guests temporary access if, say, you're out on vacation and need them to water your plants.

Since Friday Labs describes itself as a design-driven company, it created the locks to have an interchangeable shell, so you can switch between copper, bronze, gun metal, brass, silver, nickel satin and porcelain, depending on what your home looks like. Based on the the company's updates on the crowdfunding platform, the first round of shipments for US backers went out on April 24th, while the first units for European backers shipped on April 27th. It aims to deliver all backers' units by May 12th, so you'll get yours soon if you took a chance on the campaign in 2015.