Square is inviting users to sign up for its debit card

It will allow you to use the money in your Square Cash app without having to withdraw it.

Jack Dorsey, Twitter

That Square debit card that company chief Jack Dorsey teased back in April? It's real, and Square has even begun inviting some users to sign up. After a customer tweeted out that he received an invitation to order a debit card, a Square spokesperson confirmed to Recode that it has indeed started sending out invites. Unlike other debit cards, Square's won't be linked to your bank account in any way -- it uses the balance in your Square Cash app instead.

Considering you can withdraw your balance anytime and use your regular debit or credit card, Square's doesn't sound as enticing unless you want to spend the funds in your app ASAP. Besides, if you use Apple Pay, you can already add Square Cash balance as a source for when you want to tap-to-pay for anything.

If you still want a Square card despite not actually needing one, you'll have to wait for an invite until the company stages a wider rollout. Take note that you'll have to provide a signature of sorts to print on the front of the card when you sign up. Square will screen any word, name or drawing applicants provide, though, to make sure everything's clean and G-rated.