Thwart purse-snatchers with this hidden smoke and dye bomb

The device activates with an SMS text and sports a GPS tracker if the robber gets away.

Ash Be Nimble

For anyone worrying a thief might steal their handbag and disappear, Malaysian sportswear company Ash Be Nimble has a new preventative measure. Its Handbag Dyetonator is a small accessory that spews smoke and splashes the offender in ink, marking them for the police to identify later.

The Dyetonator is triggered by an SMS message, so it conceivably won't go out of range unless the thief ventures belowground. As the video suggests, the product was made to thwart motorcycle-bound robbers that snatch purses and zoom ahead to disappear before police can be summoned. Even if the thief gets away, the Dyetonator has a GPS tracker.

There are obvious drawbacks: Someone could simply ditch the exploded pod, and surely its explosion would splatter over the bag or inside its contents. But it puts a little power back in the hands of people worried about rampant thieves. Unfortunately, the Dyetonator isn't in stores yet, as it was created in partnership with advertising agency Ogilvy -- but if you're lucky, you can test it an early model by signing up for the trial group.