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Alexa’s now a Eurovision trivia buff

Let Amazon's assistant be your guide during the Eurovision final this weekend.

SERGEI SUPINSKY via Getty Images

Whatever your thoughts are on it, there's no denying that The Eurovision Song Contest continues to go from strength to strength. In 2016, over 200 million viewers watched Ukraine's Jamala triumph over three live shows broadcast from Stockholm, Sweden. And thanks to an ever-increasing US audience, tomorrow's final is expected to help break the record once again.

For some, Eurovision is a way of life, but for others, the music event can take some getting used to. To bring people up to speed, Eurovision has created an official Alexa skill that doesn't only provide answers to europop trivia, it can also play back every track performed over the last 60 years.

Once the skill has been enabled on the Echo or Echo Dot, US, UK and German users can ask Alexa "Who won in 1967?" It'll then deliver the winning song, the artist and country and then ask if they'd like to hear it. (Sandie Shaw won with Puppet On A String, if you're wondering). UK owners can also ask their Echo to tune into the BBC's live radio coverage, although they'll inevitably lose some of the spectacle.