Honeywell recalls fire alarm gateway that can't detect fires

You had one job.

RyanJLane via Getty Images

Tech-savvy fire alarm systems aren't without their share of problems, it seems. Honeywell is recalling its SWIFT wireless gateway after learning that the smoke detectors connected to the gateway (usually found in apartments, hotels and offices) won't always kick in -- in other words, they can't accomplish their one and only mission. The company hasn't received reports of real-world incidents and is offering a firmware update as a fix, but it clearly doesn't want to take any chances.

The recall isn't about to spark a mass panic when it covers just 900 units sold between October 2014 and December 2016. However, it underscores the challenges of building advanced safety systems. Simply put, there isn't much room for glitches. Fire alarms have to be extremely reliable, and that's not an easy feat when you bring networking into the equation.