AI-powered Google for Jobs has work for everybody

The company’s artificial intelligence wants to help everyone get paid.

AOL, Roberto Baldwin

While the technology industry is a goldmine of employment, for anyone not developing an app or working on AI, finding a job can be tough. This is especially true for folks looking for entry-level positions. Craigslist decimated the classified section of newspapers and while sites like Monster, Linkedin and others are helpful if you have an established career, for entry-level jobs, it's tough to find work. According to Google, it's also hard for employers to find people to fill those positions.

So, in partnership with Linkedin, Monster, CareerBuilder, Glassdoor, and -- surprisingly -- Facebook, the tech giant will be launching Google for Jobs, an AI-powered search engine that combines Google search, machine learning (to delve into career sites), job boards, staffing agencies and applicant tracking systems to help you find work in your area. You can even set an alert for your search. That means, if the barista position you're looking for isn't available today, Google will notify you when it surfaces.

That's outstanding if you're one the 4.4 percent of the population that's unemployed. It was also good to see Google CEO Sundar Pichai demo job search with retail jobs instead of developer jobs. There are plenty of ways for a computer science major to find a gig. Finding a spot as a cashier in a store can be a bit trickier because of inconsistent job titles and some companies sticking to the same job posting plan year after year, even though better solutions are out there. Google takes all the information from various sources, throws its AI at it, and spits out an easy to read list that's beneficial to everyone involved.

This announcement is also a timely reminder of the importance of smartphones for those struggling to make a living. The ubiquitous device has become an important tool for finding work, as for many it's their primary means of getting online. With Google's announcement, that task is now just a bit easier.

Google's AI initiative will power some pretty cool technology like Google Lens and Assistant, but it's good to know the company is also making sure that artificial intelligence is helping folks that need a paycheck more than they need to know what kind of flower they're looking at.

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