Google Home will handle your phone calls too

The hub will make hands-free, no-cost calls to anyone in the US and Canada.

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The Google I/O announcements didn't skimp on the internet giant's domestic assistant hub. Now users can make hands-free calls on their Google Home -- and as long as they're to anyone in the US or Canada, they'll be absolutely free. The hub recognizes your voice commands and automatically finds the right number from your contacts but differentiates by your vocal tone, so asking to "call mom" won't accidentally call your significant other's parent by mistake (and vice versa).

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While Amazon announced hands-free calls for its entire Echo lineup a week ago, plus video calls with its new touchscreen Echo Show, recipients need to have an Echo device themselves (or the Alexa app installed on their phone). Google Home's feature ostensibly makes standard calls to any phone and will use a private number by default, but users can link it to their personal one. It will roll out to Home devices in the US over the next few months.

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