Todoist syncs instantly with Google Calendar to keep you on schedule

There's no escaping the productivity.


Todoist's latest upgrade is one that will benefit the busiest of task list-addled users. It's added two-way sync between its task lists and Google Calendar. This means that not only can you see, sort and prioritize tasks from inside your calendar (on the web, or on your app), but that any changes made will also flow back to your Todoist account.

The team reckons it will help busy users to plan out bigger projects, as they'll be better equipped to keep an eye on -- and plan for -- milestones along the way. It also cleverly blocks off time in your gCal schedule to ensure you bake in time for myriad projects and tasks. Once you authorize the integration of Todoist with your Google account, any existing tasks with due dates and times will be automatically added to your Google Calendar. (Don't worry, you can select only specific tasks to sync as well.)

Todoist warns that anyone who's been wily enough to hook up some gCal-Todoist syncing through IFTTT or other tools might suffer from infinite task duplication, so it might be worth pausing your inter-service recipes to ensure everything runs smoothly. The feature should help to complement the task manager's Smart Schedule, which tapped into deep learning algorithm to offer deadlines for everything you need to get done. Those AI-suggested deadlines can now make a home in your Google Calendar -- then there's no escaping them.