It looks like Microsoft has a new Surface Pro after all

Microsoft's Panay wasn't lying when he said "no Surface Pro 5," though.


Microsoft VP Panos Panay recently said that "there's no such thing as a Surface Pro 5," and we now know what he meant by that. Images from uber-leaker Evan Blass (@evleaks) and his article in Venture Beat show a device simply called the Surface Pro, without a model or series number in sight. Other than rounded edges on the screen, it strongly resembles the current Surface Pro 4, including the lack of a USB-C port.

The device will be unveiled at Microsoft's Surface event in Shanghai on May 23rd. It will likely get a processor refresh to Kaby Lake, according to journalist Paul Thurrott, boosting performance, battery life and 4K video decoding powers. The pen and keyboard will also get new color options, but otherwise, it will be very similar to its predecessor.

Microsoft will reportedly not, however, release a new Surface Book, Blass says, echoing a report from ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley in March. According to the rumor mill, Microsoft may be working on a clamshell Surface Book without a detachable screen, a model with a detachable screen, or possibly both. It seems we'll have to wait until sometime after the upcoming event to find out about that, however.