Nike's latest Apple Watch bands match your VaporMax shoes

How often can you coordinate your smartwatch with your running gear?


You probably haven't thought about color-coordinating your smartwatch with your running shoes, but Nike is willing to give it a shot. The sportswear brand is launching four Apple Watch bands that are designed to match its upcoming Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit "Day to Night" runners. If you're determined to look the part while you run (and track) a half-marathon, you don't have to give up Nike's sweat-friendly perforated strap.

The bands will be available on Nike's website on June 1st, when the shoes are available, for the same $49 as you'd pay for one of Nike's less vibrant bands (we've asked about international availability). Apple's online store will have them sometime shortly afterward for an identical price.

Will there be a flood of people scrambling to snap up both a band and the footwear? Probably not, but this is a rare experiment in designing a smartwatch band that syncs up with other apparel. Even New Balance and other rival brands tend not to think about this kind of coordination. And look at it this way: if you're just hoping to get a strap that stands out, this is much more accessible than that limited edition NikeLab Apple Watch.

Update: Nike tells us that these bands will be available worldwide on the same day.