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Anyone in the US can use Facebook for personal fundraising

You can also use it to support your kid's sports team.

You no longer have to be part of a privileged few to try out Facebook's personal fundraising. The social network has just made its do-it-yourself donation campaigns available to every adult in the US. If you'd like help with a medical bill and don't mind Facebook taking a cut (6.9 percent plus 30 cents), a donation campaign is a quick hop away on your phone or the web.

Also, Facebook is expanding the variety of fundraising you can offer. You can now pull in cash for community causes or sports, so that public garden or hockey gear might be within your reach. It's still not as flexible as a dedicated service like GoFundMe, but there's now a better chance that one of Facebook's categories fits what you're looking for. The biggest obstacle may simply be the 24-hour review period carried over from the beta -- that's fine for most, but it might not be ideal if your campaign is urgent.