Garmin crams 5K and AR into its latest 360-degree camera

It's feature packed, but the Virb 360 will set you back $800.

Thanks to the steady growth of VR, 360-degree cameras are now the latest object of lust for videographers. Yet with many of the more mainstream options outputting low res videos, Garmin's taking aim at videophiles with its newly announced 360-degree camera. The Virb 360 will be able to capture video at up to 5.7K at 30 frames per second. As well as the impressive resolution, Garmin promises budding videographers smooth, rapids-enduring footage thanks to its 4K Spherical Stabilization tech.

In a bid to make your videos' audio feel equally high end, the Virb also features four built-in microphones. In a nice touch, the camera also uses GPS tech to allow users to create their own 360-degree augmented reality overlays. Unsurprisingly, all this tech doesn't exactly come cheap, with the Virb 360 setting consumers back a wallet-damaging $800 --$300 more than Nikon's KeyMission 360. Still, at least it's far more affordable than its 8K competitors.

In a bid to help you forget the hefty price tag, Garmin claims that the device will be incredibly easy to use, featuring simple one-touch button controls, with more complex editing options available via a mobile and desktop app. As you'd expect, the camera will also support YouTube and Facebook Live sharing, so you can Livestream that totally sick walk you're having with hundreds of uninterested social media 'friends'.

For those looking to go on a lengthy adventure, you may be left a little disappointed by the battery life. Offering just one hour's worth of recording time, the Virb's pricey tech seems to come at yet another cost. Thankfully though, Garmin promises that the upcoming camera is water resistant and can handle being in hot places. Memory-wise, the Virb can support up to 128gb MicroSD cards, and as you'd expect, the Virb also supports WiFi, Bluetooth and even NFC.

While we haven't got our hands on it yet, the device certainly seems to offer a decent amount of features for the cash. The Virb 360 launches next month, so if you're in the market for a high-end 360-degree camera, it might be time to start saving.