Everyone's favorite useless Pokemon gets its own game

Magikarp karp karp.

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The Pokemon Company
The Pokemon Company

It's pretty obvious that Pokémon Go wouldn't have been the worldwide success without, well, Pokémon. Niantic, Nintendo and The Pokémon Company tapped a phenomenally rich vein of wish fulfillment when they sent people scurrying around the real world catching monsters on their phone. The app was sadly limited to collecting, not raising the fighting beasts as the original game/manga/anime/feature films showcased. But a smartphone game has come out promising that elusive trainer experience with the greatest Pokémon of them all. Give a warm welcome to Magikarp Jump.

The game follows the typical lifespan of the derpy, majestic Magikarp: Fish one out of the water (hope for a shiny), train it with punching bags, match it against other Magikarp to compete for highest leap and finally retire it at level 20. (In the games, that's when it can evolve into the far more powerful Gyrados, though some would call that blasphemy.) Magikarp Jump is free on iOS and Android, though it seems the game is suffering a little of the old Pokémon Go popularity curse: I wouldn't get past the loading screen, but darn if its background music isn't catchy. It's all worth it for the Magikarp.

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