IFTTT's free 'maker' tier lets anyone create and share applets

No more developer costs, more stupidly awesome connected shortcuts.

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We thought the combined might of Domino's Pizza and IFTTT shortcuts was as good as it might get, but that may just be the start. IFTTT is opening up its recipe/ applet creating platform to everyone, with a free 'maker' tier that offers deeper (read: harder) programming options beyond the simple "if this then that" UI most IFTTT aficionados use. You could already do this, making private applets for your own use, but this announcement means part-time developers can share any awesome applets with the greater IFTTT community, including lazy ingrates like myself.

Its means that any developer with a smart idea (even if they're not directly involved with a company or online service), can bring their own internet shortcuts to the masses. Better still, because of how these applets work, they'll do the job on any connected device, even if the developer doesn't own the device themselves. There are already 440 services to tap into on IFTTT, and you'll be able to apply your own Javascript code to recipes.

"Over 200,000 makers already use IFTTT to play, iterate, and test," said IFTTT cofounder and CEO Linden Tibbets. "Giving them access to the tools our partners have is a no-brainer — it's a win for both users and partners. We're excited to see what they create and in the future, we expect to see new services originating from makers as well."

More fast-food applets, then, if you could.

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IFTTT's free 'maker' tier lets anyone create and share applets