BMW's latest motorcycle concept links futuristic style and tech

The electric bike kind of looks like a fancy moped, but we still want one.

No doubt, BMW has come up with some cool conceptual vehicles lately, with a color-changing Mini and a futuristic, self-driving Next 100 auto. Its Motorrad Vision Next 100 motorcycle, revealed last October, is maybe the coolest yet with a gyroscopic system designed to keep riders upright and safe no matter what. It also looks pretty, well, rad. The company's latest electric motorcycle, the BMW Motorrad Concept Link, is based on the first Next 100 but brings a more refined, commuter-friendly style to the idea of a zero-emission electric motorcycle.

The Concept Link has a long, low profile with a flat bench seat which covers the "flat energy packs in the underfloor." There's a diagonally rising handlebar section, too, and a windshield upon which BMW says it will project "speed, navigation and battery information." Secondary information will be displayed below that on a large flat panel which can be controlled via programmable buttons on the handlebars. BMW says that the Concept Link will have access to your calendar and next destinations, letting the bike plan fast or more scenic routes while choosing music for your trip. Oh, and you'll open and close the sliding door on the luggage compartment — also under the seat — with gestural controls enabled by some sort of futuristic jacket.

While concept vehicles like this are super fun to gawk at, the chances of them hitting the road exactly as pitched are minimal. Still, having a slick-looking future commuter motorbike that runs on electricity and connects to our mapping apps and streaming music is a neat future that we'd all probably like to live in.