Google's ‘Personal’ tab filters out everything but your own content

Search on the web to find anything you've uploaded to Google's suite of apps.

As people accumulate massive data troves on Gmail, Google Photos and other Google apps, the search giant wants to help people find what they're looking for among their own personal content. While Google's core search product already shows some personalized results in the mix, the main search page now includes a "Personal" tab to quickly filter out public results and see only the content you yourself stored in Google's suite of apps.

Similar to the Images, News and Shopping tabs that sit atop the results page, the Personal tab quickly narrows down your search query. According to 9to5Google, the Personal tab can be found lurking behind the "More" menu and will surface results like Gmail messages and calendar events from your signed-in accounts. Links to Gmail messages open in a new tab with the option to load Gmail itself. For photo searches, you can either immediately open an image result or click through to do a deeper search in Google Photos.

Although 9to5Google notes the change appears to be available for many users on the web and mobile versions, the feature doesn't appear to be coming to Google's main Android or iOS apps just yet.