Google's mobile app gets a streamlined news feed

Today's update separates trending content from your upcoming events.

Google would love for its flagship, search-focused app to be the first thing anyone tapped after unlocking their smartphone, so the company is making a few changes to the app's front page in order streamline how you get your information. Starting with today's update, Google has helpfully broken up the information cards on the main feed into two main categories: current topics and upcoming events.

Now, instead of one lengthy feed below the search box, opening the Google app presents you with one tab for all the news, sports, detailed weather and other topics it thinks you care about, as well as a second tab for all your upcoming trips, calendar appointments and important emails. Google says the feed will get smarter and more relevant the more you use it, but you can also update your interests in the app settings. The Upcoming tab will also deep-link into things like boarding passes, flight info or even package tracking information.

According to Google, the update lands on the Android version of the app today, and the same features are "coming soon" to the iOS version.