Google's iPhone app gets better (looking)

Not to be outdone by Microsoft's new Bing app for the iPhone, Google has just released version 10 of its main iOS search-focused app. It's not a massive revision like Microsoft released today but rather a tweak to put the iOS app on par with its Android counterpart. The biggest change comes in Google Now: cards are more clearly organized by different categories like "upcoming," "updates," "stories to read" and so forth. While they weren't exactly displayed randomly before, these new headings help make more sense out of the various info Google Now will throw at you at any given time. Google says "timely info" like details relating to upcoming travel will show up first, while less time-sensitive cards will show up lower down your feed.

Sports teams you follow will likewise get their own section broken out in the app; you'll see upcoming games, scores, standings and team news all grouped together now. Google says this is rolling out for the NBA and soccer, but we imagine a similar view will come to all sports teams before long. Lastly, there's a new animation for voice search that's in line with Google's recent redesigned logo and visual identify. These updates won't really change the way you use the app, but they seem like smart refinements to an already solid experience. The new app is out for the iPhone and iPad now in the App Store.