Intel claims 8th-gen chips will be 30 percent faster than 7th-gen

At least, according to one benchmark.

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Intel's upcoming eighth-generation processors could be more interesting than we initially thought. While the company previously said they would represent a modest 15 percent improvement over seventh-gen chips -- a performance gain it's been achieving steadily over the years -- Intel revealed today at Computex that the new processors actually perform around 30 percent better. Sure, that figure is only based on a Sysmark benchmark, but it's an encouraging sign for overall performance improvements.

Intel didn't have much else to share about the chips during its Computex keynote, unfortunately. They're still expected to arrive by the end of the year, and they're still based on a 14-nanometer architecture, as before. The company briefly showed off a Quanta machine powered by one of the new chips, but aside from looking respectably thin, there wasn't much we could gather from it.

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