Fight on the moon in new ‘Overwatch’ Lunar Base map

But it’s coming to the PC test servers first -- sorry, console players.

Last week, Overwatch celebrated its one-year anniversary by dropping scores of new event-themed character skins and extras to the game. But it also added three new maps for the game's small-team and 1v1 Arena modes. It seems the title's team wasn't done expanding its playable zones: After releasing some mysterious lore about the Overwatch universe's Horizon Lunar Base days ago, the game has launched it as a full map on the PC's test realm.

Keen fans know that a team of scientists housed their experiments genetically augmenting monkeys and gorillas on the moon base. One of those was our favorite brainy ape, Winston, who took his name from the researcher that raised him. Unfortunately, not all the primates reacted to the gene therapy as positively, the recent lore dump revealed, and tragedy befell the station. Now, players can explore the Horizon Lunar Base to find the story hints tucked within when they aren't fighting for objective zones on the point-capturing Assault-type map.

Unfortunately, it's currently only live on the Public Test Region (PTR), a set of PC-only servers used to try out new game elements before they get integrated into the game as a whole. Only well-behaved players get to tinker around on the test areas (learn how to switch over to the PTR here), and you won't get to keep profile progress or loot box items from playing on the test servers. Stay strong, console players: It typically takes content a few weeks to switch over to the main game.