Sling TV doesn't want you to waste time looking for shows

But only if you’re using Android devices.

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Corbis via Getty Images
Corbis via Getty Images

Sling TV, the live streaming service that lets you start with a core channel package and add on whatever other bundles you might be interested in, is revamping its Android user interface. The changes, which begin rolling out today, will be expanded to other devices in the coming weeks.

Some of the changes users will see over the next few days include a grid guide option for viewing channel scheduling that looks just like any other TV guide. This version also lets you filter channels by genre, but you can stick with the old guide if that's what you prefer. Sling TV will also highlight featured movies and shows that you can watch on-demand in the MyTV section.

Live shows are being reworked as well with the help of new algorithms that will bring what they deem to be important and trending content up front. Finally, a new menu tab is being introduced. The "Shows" screen will make it easier to sort through all of the TV shows available through Sling.

These user interface changes are the latest in a series of updates from Sling. The company has expanded its Cloud DVR option to additional devices and introduced its AirTV set-top box for those that still want some hardware lying around.

Android users should see these updates over the next few days, but it's unclear when they'll launch for other devices. Everyone else will just have to keep trudging through content to find their next binge.

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