Create a masterpiece on the Switch's touchscreen in 'Qbics Paint'

The new game lets you sculpt and paint adorable works of art.

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A new game coming to the Nintendo Switch promises to make good use of its touchscreen. Qbics Paint, developed by Abylight Studios, lets you sculpt and paint works of art from the comfort of your living room -- or wherever else you've toted your Switch.

The game starts you off with a big cube made up of smaller blocks; with your fingers, you "sculpt" the blocks away to create your masterpiece. You can then paint your sculpture with a 24-color palette and set a background image from the provided stock photos. All told, there are 50 different models for players to unlock.

Abylight receiving funding for the game's development from the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sports in Spain where the company is based. And this is hardly their first foray into creative gaming. Their Music On guided series helps users play a variety of instruments like piano, guitar, and drums.

Touchscreen-exclusive games have so far been limited for Switch players. So, this might be a welcome addition for those looking to utilize the feature more and provide a different gameplay experience than you'll find on the Xbox One or PlayStation 4. There's no set release date yet, but Abylight expects the game to be available later this year.

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