Wink promises home security with its $119 smart bulb bundle

New smart lighting features in the Wink app will make it look like you're home.

Wink's goal is to demystify the internet of things with a single hub and a single app that talks to all manner of smart home devices from other companies, and plays nice with Google's assistant and Alexa too. Knowing that most people are still unsure of where to start modernizing, Wink has today announced a new basic smart lighting bundle for $119 that includes its latest smart home hub and two dimmable, connected bulbs from Sylvania. The "Wink Bright" proposition is two-fold, however, as the company is also updating its mobile app to add a few no-nonsense features to show there's more to smart bulbs than not having to move from the sofa to set the mood.

Version 6.0 of the Wink app adds two special lighting programs called Home Sitter and Moonlight. Home Sitter is basically a smarter equivalent of leaving the lights on at home to deter burglars while you're away. It promises to stick to a natural, human schedule to avoid leaving obvious clues that an app is in control, so it won't switch the lights on during daylight hours or in the middle of the night when you'd likely be asleep. And when you aren't on vacation, Moonlight will make sure you always come back to a well-lit home by switching your indoor and outdoor lights on at sunset.

Both user-friendly features promote the idea of smart lighting being a security asset, not just a simple convenience. At $119, which is $10 cheaper than buying the three components separately, the Wink Bright package is neither the cheapest nor the most expensive introduction to smart bulbs -- but you do get the widely compatible hub as part of the deal should you plan on adding more connected devices around the home. The bundle is available to pre-order today from Wink's site and Home Depot, with boxes expected to start hitting doormats in a few weeks.