Apple deems Pepe 'objectionable' and bans the frog from its App Store

Richard Spencer isn't the only alt-right meme banished to the Reddit boards.

AFP/Getty Images

Pepe the Frog is an amphibia non grata at the Apple App Store, according to a rejection letter sent to a developer. The letter, which the developer posted to r/The_Donald subreddit (because of course he did), argues that Pepe is "considered objectionable content" and is therefore banned from appearing in any app in the Apple ecosystem.

"My friend and I came up with the idea of combining shitposting with autistic screeching, so we made this just for fun," wrote the developer, who seems nice and not at all like the sort of person who would make fun of the disabled for entertainment. The game itself appears to be a run of the mill Flappy Bird ripoff but with more intentional yelling. And while it has been banished from the App Store, the game is still available on Google Play.