Pacifist RPG 'Undertale' heading to PS4 and Vita

The RPG 'where nobody has to die' is finally coming to consoles.

If you've never looked at a PC as a gaming device, you might have missed one of 2015's best, most unexpected RPG hits: Undertale. It is a quirky, independent game that billed itself as "the friendly RPG where nobody has to die," but it is more than a pacifist adventure -- it's a role-playing game that made every encounter a puzzle, a joke and a moral choice. Sound like your jam? Worry not: Sony just announced at E3 that the game is coming to PlayStation 4 and PS Vita.

The game's short trailer looks very much like the game we saw on PC, adding little more than portability (for Playstation Vita owners) and Japanese-language support. Already have the game on PC? Well, there is one excuse to double dip: a PS4/Vita collector's edition of the game will be available from Fangamer and will include a physical copy of the game, an illustrated booklet, the game's soundtrack and a musical locket. Neat! The only bad news: There's no launch date. Sony promises only that the game will be coming "soon."

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