Google gives its Local Guides more perks and higher levels

Who wants a free three-month Google Play Music subscription?

Google's Local Guides program has grown to more than 30 million members in the three years since its inception. Participants earn points towards rewards from the company for leaving Yelp-like reviews at their favorite local spots. But like any online multiplayer game, given enough time, players will reach their level cap. That's why Google announced on Tuesday that it is offering a new points system with new ways to earn them and a higher level cap with different perks.

Players level 2 and up will continue to earn occasional perks from Google, like early access to new features. But those level 4 and above will receive a free three-month Google Play Music subscription and 75 percent off Play Movies rentals. The company is also boosting the level cap from 5 to 10 and giving higher-level Guides unique badges that better reflect their contributions. These gameplay improvements are slated to roll out to users over the next few days.