Xsens body suits are getting even better at motion capture

They let you capture motion just about anywhere.

Motion capturing is becoming more important for games and movies alike, but unless you're ready to shell out for a complicated rig and dedicated studio space, it's incredibly difficult. Xsens has been working to solve that problem for the last decade with its custom body suits, which handle all of the motion capturing work without the need for any external sensors. The one problem with the company's suits so far? Metal -- or anything that can disrupt its embedded magnetometers. But at E3 this week, Xsens showed off the latest version of its software, which no longer gets thrown off by metallic objects.

Now, the company claims its suits can track your movement just about anywhere -- even while driving in a car, or skydiving. The suits can run for 10 to 12 hours, and setting them up should take only a few minutes. Xsens says just about every major game company is already using its suits, but they'll likely be even more in demand as more developers move to VR. They can even detect when people lie, scientists found. While the Xsens suits cost between $12,500 and $30,000, the company says that's still significantly less expensive than a typical mo-cap rig.

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