Google Glass adds Bluetooth support for whoever still uses it

It's the first update since September 2014.

Google Glass seemed headed for awkward retirement after the device's most recent update in September 2014 appeared to be its last. But out of nowhere, almost three years later, the augmented reality pioneer is getting its code refreshed with the usual performance boosts and bug fixes -- as well as added Bluetooth support.

Which means users can add keyboards or mice or whatever else links up via the wireless protocol. But what volume of users are we talking about? Why now, and cui bono? Last we heard back in December 2015, the Google Glass designers (rechristened under the Project Aura name) were preparing to present a sleeker, tougher version for enterprise that has yet to launch. In any case, if you're one of the AR diehards still trucking around the consumer Explorer model, this update's for you. And possibly only you.