There's a deodorizing coat hanger for the anti-laundry contingent

It takes 5 hours and will cost around $180.

If you're too lazy to take your clothes to the dry cleaner, well then Panasonic has the tech gadget you didn't even know you needed (and face it, you probably don't need it.) They've invented a clothes hanger, the Nanoe X, that deodorizes your clothes.

The deodorizing hanger uses negatively charged particles, or "nanoe," to clean your clothes. These ions gather moisture from the air and are a billion times smaller than steam particles, and thus invisible to the naked eye. They won't get stains off your clothes, but they will eliminate odors such as sweat and cigarette smoke without harming delicate fabrics.

The hanger has two cleaning modes and will take 5–7 hours to clean your garment. It also comes with a clothing cover that helps trap the nanoe, ensuring an even and thorough cleaning. As an added bonus for allergy sufferers, the hanger will also eliminate pollen from your garment.

The price for a hanger that will take 5 hours to eliminate the odor from (but not actually clean) one garment at a time? Kaden has the price at 20,000 yen, which translates to about $180. So if you have some extra cash laying around when this thing finally comes to the US market (it appears it's initially only going to be available in Japan), you'll finally have a way to deodorize your clothes without cleaning them (or, you know, using Febreze).